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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The best she has to offer? I am not one of those other [name a body part, pluralize it].

Or that appears to be the thrust of some Iowa AP feed coverage, as Strib carries it, beginning:

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Hillary Rodham Clinton is warning the nation about taking a "big U-turn" to a Republican in the White House, pointing to her husband's economic record as a model.

The Democratic presidential contender said President Bill Clinton presided over an economy that helped not only the wealthy but the poor in his eight years in office. She said Republicans afterward left President Barack Obama with an economic crisis.

"Right now our country deserves to keep moving forward, not to do a big U-turn going back to where we came from," Clinton said at the Iowa City Public Library. "That didn't work before. It won't work again."

Clinton offered herself up as a Democratic standard-bearer as her main Democratic rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, has been generating large crowds, packing in more than 2,500 people during a recent event in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Sanders has made economic inequality the cornerstone of his campaign and attracted liberals wary of Wall Street.

Not as sound and resonant as Bernie, so marginalize Bernie as best as she can by pretending he and a sounder agenda than limo-liberal offering of "better than the bogeyman" fear-mongering mush just isn't there. Yes, she is shooting at brother of the beast, but, so what? What's the best idea around, today?

Time for a real CHANGE. Not a cosmetic glide, Obama favorable to the business/finance world, to Clinton, ditto/ditto. See the new Crabgrass top sidebar item.

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