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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Not everybody agrees with Stanley Hubbard that Tom Emmer is special; except perhaps there is consensus that Tom Emmer IS special to Stanley Hubbard.

Emmer/Hubbard shout-out, it needn't be news; if it's Emmer - link, Crabgrass, here.

And figure for yourself whether that is gentle juxtaposition compared to something arguably more judgmental, e.g., here, opening:

Like Norm Coleman, Tom Emmer has long been a politician whose position on any given issue of the day was available for purchase. Oddly, this is at bottom a neutral observation and is certainly applicable to any number of Minnesota democrat politicians. I'm not a democrat, however.

Since becoming a member of Congress--just this year but why does it seem longer?--Emmer has moved to ingratiate himself to the Republican House Congressional establishment with a speed that would impress Cardinal Richelieu. This caused some initial consternation amongst his supporters who, mystifyingly, thought him to be a man of principle despite ample evidence to the contrary. As a friend of mine remarked to me, look at what he said, and then at how he voted, when he was in the Minnesota House of Representatives. The past really is prologue.

Recently, however, Emmer has come under more sustained criticism for his cavalier and arrogant approach toward his constituents, whom, it must be said, he appears to hold in contempt. Why this is, frankly, is anyone's guess. My guess, my Occam's razor, is a guilty conscience. Feel free to hazard your own.

What has recently brought all of the discontent to something of a boil, however, is an unsigned editorial, for lack of a better word, from Alpha News, a recently launched conservative news outlet. Some have said that they don't like it because it might be a creation of Bob Cummins and lacks transparency. I don't know, nor particularly care, about either point.

Wow. How hard can you be on a guy, "Like Norm Coleman, ..."?.

That is like saying, "Like original sin ..." except it is hard to find much original about Norm.

Or Emmer, for that matter.

Then, adding insult to injury, "... cavalier and arrogant approach toward his constituents ...".

The last judgment analogy arguably is redundant. After all, the post had already analogized Emmer to Norm Coleman.

At least there is Ellison to leaven the Minnesota U.S. House delegation. Be thankful. It could be worse.

Readers, please do read the remainder of John Gilmore's "Minnesota Conservative" post.


I only view Emmer as exceptionally mediocre, mediocre to a fault and indebted for support to Stanley Hubbard. Gilmore seems to see actual evil. With his "for purchase" opening as a comparison to Norm Coleman what else should you infer?

UPDATE: Perhaps it is only me, but I can envision Tom Emmer and Tom Bakk playing cribbage, at Rukivina's Eveleth Hockey Hall of Fame, each with hockey skates laced on. The Blarney Stone would kiss either and each of the three of them.

FURTHER UPDATE: At least Gilmore held back somewhat, declining to compare Emmer to Newt Gingrich, despite "for purchase" wording.

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