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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Either it gets worse, or we get Bernie.

This Strib online link.

UPDATE: More Strib, this one beginning:

Gov. Mark Dayton’s decision to go ahead and implement big pay raises for his commissioners drew a predictable response from his opponents. The Republican speaker of the House blasted the decision to “raise commissioner salaries by $30,000 on average for political appointees who already make six-figure salaries.”

One might say Dayton and The Republicans are jointly smoke-screening the public; and the knee-jerk GOP voters are the ones being fooled. Don't look at how the CEO brigade is screwing over the 99%, look at the heat without light over Minnesota agency head salaries which are fully dwarfed by the CEO gluttonry.

And the GOP rank and file, "The Base," buys in 110% because of their capabilities.

Tax the Rich is not rocket science. It is economic good sense.

FURTHER UPDATE: Worth noting, while a lightning rod on some social issues, one not saying, "Tax the Rich," nonetheless gains Republican Base attention:

This Strib link.

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