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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Oliver Darcy has an intriguing post at The Blaze, "ABC News Reporter Repeatedly Presses White House Deputy Press Secretary With This ‘Very Simple Question’ "

Not all inversions are equal, apparently. Something like that. There is an embedded video. All at this link.

Money pays to play. That's been the story at Akin Gump. It is the story at Patton Boggs. That is the story shown in these three Patton Boggs Senior Partner screen captures to go with earlier ones from Akin Gump. Method is taking Lott, from his Medtronic - inversion lobbying consideration, Boggs as a letterhead name, son of the Louisiana politician who presumably was a founding or major, major senior partner; and then Arbuckle as the first named "Senior Partner" listed in the "A" alphabetical listing (Blogger made the last thumbnail source small print, so the link is given):

original item

Money paying to play is not a story of patriotism. It is something else. It is sordid. It is widespread. It is where bipartisanship of the two party system we live under shows up with sides handshaking on who's to be served, at whose expense. This video. Civics 101 - they don't care what shirt you have on as long as you buy into the game? Ever wonder why there are only two parties? Not three, four, seven. You have a choice. Alice had two Tweedles. Leeway within a cage? You only feel a cage if you bump a wall? Or post a comment explaining where I am wrong - in general. Sure, there are counterexamples. The four starting at-large Ramsey council candidates, the two remaining. And what is their power?

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