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Friday, August 01, 2014

BOEHNER'S BIG MUDDY: "On Wednesday, House Republicans sued President Obama for acting on his own without approval from Congress. On Thursday, House Republicans told President Obama he should act on his own to fix the border crisis."

Silly season, Boehner style, this link.

For something equally silly, same online source, this.

With The Boehner Lawsuit, my biggest question, will the Secret Service let in a process server, and if not, does Boehner intend to serve Obama by publication per Rule 4?

It appears that as yet the "we don't like you" complaint has not been drafted:

The House resolution does not specify what the lawsuit will allege, but an accompanying report by the House Rules Committee cites a litany of grievances, from the president's implementation of Obamacare to his executive actions on immigration, education and national security. The resolution authorizes the House to "initiate litigation for actions by the president or other executive branch officials inconsistent with their duties under the Constitution of the United States."

The ensuing court case could take years to resolve, and it is unclear whether the House even has legal standing to sue the president under these conditions.

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No standing? But it was a standing vote ...

In any event, it appears Boehner has no time to listen/watch YouTube, since it's all only entertainment and such, with no political wisdom, past or present. Stuff like that, if thought over, can get in the way of a shutdown face off or a spite suit. Important stuff like shutdowns and spite cannot be forestalled since a prevailing wisdom among some is, if you do not grandstand an awful lot people will not take you seriously. Boehner must have taken advice from Michele Bachmann about that line of reasoning, about the sense of it, its success.

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