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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Atlas Thugged.

Image from The Economist, online here. Same source, here and here; the latter item riffing on the thuggery. The former item concludes with a view of a Grayson bill that did not energize the druthers of leadership anywhere in DC.

An interesting Strib oped, here. Growing up white in Ferguson, before the town had transitioned, as it began transitioning racially. NEXT - Part of an answer, here, here and here. It seems likely that if a body cam is routinely required, kept in good working order at all times, the added carrying weight might make the badge seem less heavy. Objective evidence of every police encounter with citizens, the camera that neither lies nor misrecollects with time, how can that be wrong? And kept in good working order, and required at all times, are needed predicates to full effectiveness.

__________FURTHER UPDATE_________
Ferguson officials show a learning curve, per a press release reprinted by The Wire. Dash and vest cams being one item noted (though not irrevocably promised). Close to an irrevocable promise, but not completely that. No purchase order cut at present. No deadline for one to be issued.


Anonymous said...

A friend who was with Mr Brown says that... he was unarmed and had his hands up in the air.

Brown committed a strong arm robbery and the friend quoted participated in the robbery - that's someone you can trust! His testimony has been discredited by many other unbiased witnesses. continuing to publish it is not worthy of your high standards.

eric zaetsch said...

Shot six times in the street ten yards from the squad car (twice in the head) with the police chief saying Officer Darren did not at the time know of the strongarm cigar snatch; get real.

It was a jaywalking stop; escalated by a shooting cop. If this is not a case of felony excessive force, what is?

Beyond that, the thuggery is how the forces of government control elected to show force in a crowd control effort. The thought was to intimidate by power the voice of protest; much as the Occupy movement was suppressed, but that time the offensiveness of it all was NOT seized upon by the mainstream media for what it was. Militarization of the police against those protesting Wall Street abuse of the 99% was okay with those 1%'ers owning the presses. Figure it out.