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Friday, August 08, 2014

Something from the Justin Boals website. Posted because it asks outright a question that has been lingering in my own mind.

Start with the screen capture from the Boals campaign website.

click the image to enlarge it to read

My questions range a bit differently. The phrasing "take back" implies somebody took something, and Whelan totally ducks saying what was taken, in her mind, and by whom? What, precisely, does she suggest should be taken back, and from whom?

If she is casting blame, as the thing suggests, who is she suggesting is to blame and what policy redress does she propose, if any? Parents are to be blamed? People on food stamps? Bankers? Chambers of Commerce? Her university professors?


Boals points out her complaint of student debt and lack of good jobs, (cause to run for one presumably), but what policy position does she suggest she'd follow if elected? Zippo. Just feel somehow disenfranchised, picked upon, by vague undefined forces, and vote Abigale. That's not hanging together well at all as to any measure of reasonableness.

Inciting generational Angst is a Paul Ryan kill Social Security, Medicare, and tell them to buzz off if they''d care to complain kind of trick, but at least Ryan defines a target group.

#millennialtakeback, clearly is aimed at inciting Angst of some kind among the unfortunately numerous short-attention-span Twitter Twits.

Overall the thing appears very stupid.

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