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Monday, August 11, 2014

"Perhaps the best evidence of Tom Emmer’s commanding position in his campaign for Congress is this: He’s not allowed to wear his rollerblades."

looking to his right ...
Yet --- Still the same ol' Tom. Leopards do not change spots, jackasses do not change their bray.

Even a former opponent who criticizes Emmer as having a thin record of accomplishment said his resurgence has been impressive.

“Here’s a guy who had been beat up pretty well by the opposition in the governor’s race,” said Phil Krinkie, who dropped out of the primary after sensing Emmer’s momentum. “Like a phoenix, he rose from the ashes. He really did.”

Krinkie attributes Emmer’s renewed support to the two years he spent hosting a conservative talk radio show.

One resident of the district, Adam Stendahl of Rockford, said the show bolstered his impression of Emmer as a genuine, nice guy. Stendahl greeted Emmer at the Wright County Fair as “Mr. Congressman.”

Stendahl, a small business owner, said he knew little of Sivarajah but he’s followed Emmer’s political career from his days on the Delano City Council. He said he thinks Emmer can balance Minnesota’s left-leaning congressional delegation.

“I think he does a real good job of getting the message across without the divisiveness,” he said.

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Emmer, statesman like. Look, flying pigs ...

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