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Friday, August 01, 2014

What exactly does "on leave" mean, in The McFadden's context? Does using the term reflect on his actual expectations?

After all, folks, if he's elected senator, he would not remain "on leave," would he?

The Senator from the hedge fund? The mergers and acquisitions senator?

"On leave" suggests an intention to "go back."

Or am I wrong on word usage?

As in after Al's reelection, "go back?" End of "on leave?"

Not that his handlers have him in there, and Vin, and Norm, to lose, but how else do you construct a meaning to "on leave," beyond intent to return?

I noticed the big error myself before anybody by email or comment pointed it out. Yes, Honour vs. Al, and its McFadden vs Mark. Last paragraph does not fit Honour vs. Al, but then the two, Honour and McFadden are so similar I admit to finding it hard to tell them apart.

Honour, it would be a list of judicial appointments; McFadden it would be racing commission and airport board.

Got it. Will try to keep that straight in the future.

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