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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Does anyone have any questions about who runs our nation, or how the private sector can influence government decision making?

Akin-Gump has a 117 page pdf item online here.

For openers - From it, one page [p.39 of 117 pages].

[readers - please click every one of the four thumbnails to be able to read enough to capture a flavor of the day, the Akin-Gump flavor of nation building]

Next, three consecutive pages, 69-71, of 117, note names please, and with those names party affiliations strangely appear to attach, one party or the other within the two-party system we all know and cherish.

Last, has anyone heard anything recently [if ever] from Rand Paul about auditing the FED? That was big with his dad, but Rand is wanting to run for President and is forming alliances and gaining financing to make that a real vs Pyrrhic victory. Real for Rand, but then is it Pyrrhic for all the rest of us, for liberty, among us? In the course of that, who will Rand Paul become, and indeed, who is he now?

I would bet there are few at Akin-Gump who'd enjoy seeing the FED audited, and a co-bet, the FED is not going to be audited.

Another bet I would make is that several at Akin-Gump are looking at Rand Paul, taking a measure of the man, and determining how to best deal with his candidacy for higher office. Within the ways and means they have to operate and deal with candidacies.

Just wondering that way, with no real info about that. So -- Don't ask me. Ask Akin-Gump. The Koch brothers and Soros can be money-bag lightning rods, Daddy Warbucks for the Tweedle Dee party vs for the Tweedle Dum one, but, can you infer anything about how an apparently harmonious firm like Akin-Gump can prosper and grow and operate levers within our clearly partisan two-party checks-and-balances nation? Ask yourself that hummer.

Two peas in a pod? Or, why I'd prefer Elizabeth Warren over Hillary, if the Dems feel it necessary to run a female Presidential candidate next cycle. Why I prefer Bernie Sanders over Barack Obama. Obama, who apparently failed to make it to the NCAA finals live; (probably a Secret Service precaution more than not fitting in).

________FURTHER UPDATE________
And this is ONLY a thought experiment. I solicit no comments. Who, of the several current CD6 candidate options do YOU see as the one most likely if sent to DC to most promptly sell out to the highest bidder(s)?

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