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Thursday, August 28, 2014

McConnell's entire speech is about how he has made as the number one passion of his career to make sure the millionaires and billionaires in the room can give as much money as they want to whatever politician or political entity they want without having to disclose who they gave to. He even brags about leading filibusters, and inventing a new one, in his fight against campaign finance reform in his very first term, saying, "And I was so determined, I came up with a new filibuster."

The headline to this post is a paragraph from within this Crooks and Liars post; having this opening screen capture:

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If you read objectively, it appears that among other promises, Mitch McConnell whores to the Koch brothers' main point of interest. Their dirty energy business bucks, where they'd have less of them, the more regulatory constraints put on them to protect the rest of us and OUR environment from the likes of the Kochs and other Koch-like allied privateers who are like all privateers, after plunder at whatever the cost may be to others.

Following links from that start is easy, so I end the post now so readers can promptly move to the linked item, and explore further from there.

For those wanting to explore elsewhere, do a Google = Koch brothers Mitch McConnell

It is all online for those wanting to inform themselves, and hopefully there are legions in Kentucky who fit that bill.

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