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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

CPRIT is CRONY spelled backwards? Perry presidential potential, spelled backward?

Not exactly. Possibly close, however.

CPRIT website.

And CPRIT is in the news. In Texas. In Perry-land.

In the news, here, here, here, here ($56 million in CPRIT grants had been approved without the proper peer review), and here (moratorium over, back in business, as usual?).

Whether or not it was used as a slush fund for friends, that Texas government funded $3 billion CPRIT anti-cancer enterprise, I cannot say.

Grand juries in Texas seem to be speaking to the question, however.

So, the suggestion is that good government governor Perry wanted to quell an inquiry.

And chivalry be dead, he took/takes advantage of a drunk driving lady attorney.

Plunge on, let chips fall as they may.

Of course banana republic stuff does not happen, in Minnesota.

That's not the Republican way in Minnesota. Minnesota Republicans keep their drunk driving lady attorneys on the ballot, in good graces party-wise if not public-wise.

You know, that Perry head lawyer Buzbee, maybe he meant to say "banana Republican" and simply misspoke, omitting an easily dropped -an. Gov P, is that a banana in your GOP pocket or are you just intense over an inquiry?

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