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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

ANOKA COUNTY - RAMSEY -- I noticed earlier this week, last week, that there had been some cold patching of potholes along Ramsey Blvd.

Without a camera handy, I cannot present before/after pics, but so far, it is good.

It is very good that the effort was taken by the County.

Cold patches are a temporary thing. Presumably when the better weather anchors in the road can get needed resurfacing.

Cold patching alone will only mean major freeze-thaw potholing next winter.

Resurfacing, with whatever is needed to shore properly the base roadbet, will last.

But as with some roads in Ramsey that are city and not county roads, if you wait too long the cost escalates disproportionately because of rebuild vs repair need.

And that leads to franchise fee questions, something left for later posting in more detail.


Anonymous said...

You are not correct. Hot patch Not cold patch

eric zaetsch said...

Anon - Help. How much more traffic and freeze-thaw resistant is a hot patch vs a cold patch?

And, what ambient temperature levels are needed and pothole dryness state to reliably do either, hot patch or cold patch?

Sorry for the error.

Anonymous said...

Cold patch is off the shelf year round patch. city/county workers use hot asphalt for patching in spring and summer.