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Monday, February 24, 2014

Freedom From Religion Foundation. And, the evil practice of deluded or intentionally obtrusive ones, Pulpit Freedom Sunday.

FIRST: Just links. Start with Forbes, here. Linking here. There are those busy-bodies who want to impose upon the freedom and civil rights of others, and often the worse of the bunch is found in pulpits.

FFRP links, here, and

An LTE to the LA Times.

NEXT EDITORIALIZING: As to Pulpit Freedom Sunday, the First Amendment clearly allows the proselytizing of secular election advice from the pulpit, so let them do it and only the easily misled will listen and act accordingly since it is not an area where spiritul advisors have any expertise, but then TAX THE BASTARDS for who they really are. That being politicians, societal advocates with a political agenda, (but often dressed otherwise than in well tailored and expensive Kazeminy suits).

An even more basic question, why are churches NOT taxed fully already?

Politics is the obvious answer. But should politics of that sort, taking the easy way out, be permitted to not apply the law fully and fairly to political huckesterism from pulpits? Once the line to secular advice on how to vote is crossed, counseling spirits has been trashbinned in favor of other entirely secular aims.

Souls simply are not saved by preaching on voting choices. It's highly offensive, but allowable as a freedom, as long as it is taxed properly.

LAST: A screen capture:

This link, followed, from here. Bigots anonymous. Professionals at it.

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