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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

RAMSEY --- Another Mayor Bob item. Somebody does not like the guy, or figures him a likely successful target. Antlers on the mantle. Easier a fish than a shark. Whatever.

This one resonates more with me, because the down-the-drain and down-the-toilet imagery is precisely how I see the Landform money and the Flaherty subsidies.

Front and back scans - and the three TO-DO list bullet points are well chosen. Spot-on, despite a dropped dollar sign on No.3. We all know what's meant:

NOTE: The cardstock size chosen is longer than the home scanner bed. These are not complete item scans although full-width. Somebody really wants the Mayor Bob items to stand out in the mail. Scan colors are not off. Rather they are true to the original.


Randy Backous said...

I hate party politics in our city. That's what we have with Bob, McLoan, et. al. That's why they hate Jim Deal, called him a crook in a public meeting and refuse to work with him. It is what has held us back while we piss on each other's leg just for fun.

I have said many times, party politics has no business at the city level and I'll say it again to the DFL. Stay the hell out of our mayoral race. It's none of your business.

eric zaetsch said...

There is rampant speculation of how this intrusion happened. I agree it is out of step; two items and all.

But this one, aside from it having that partisan taint; IS spot on.

Will there be a shift toward a consensus building council majority after the election?

Randy wants one. I believe we all do.

I cannot see it coming to be without a reevaluation of the Landform consultancy arrangements, however. That reevaluation may have to include looking back and finger-pointing, simply so that citizens are made aware of how much heavy lifting is needed to get back to sanity.

Made aware that Santa Claus spent a bundle of hard cash reserves without any real neat presents under the tree to show for it.