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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Trumpery! Look up the word if it is unfamiliar and if you fly United.

Strib carries this WaPo report of corporate shamefulness-untrammeled in United's rolling out a charge for use of aircraft overhead bin space. Strib's version notes:

The phrase, “We are not charging a fee for overhead bin space,” was repeated dozens of times on the airline’s account in response to complaints.

United explained that this is all for the benefit of passengers. United’s President Scott Kirby told Reuters that surveys indicated travelers and employees do not like scrambling to store carry-on bags in the limited overhead bins.

Can you say, "Assholes with airplanes," and not get it backwards? You will be saying it correctly and more than once, under this new United Airlines policy. Next, charge for the overhead light, the air blower fixture. Put a credit card swipe reader next to the pair? A card slot on the window shades; slide your card to raise or lower the thing, it's for your benefit.

"We are not charging for overhead bins" is a total bald-faced lie about what's up, and as such it is an insult to every member of the flying public. The world can see so as clear as day. United lies. Pay toilets are next. For the benefit of passengers.

BOTTOM LINE: How to squeeze more bucks out of the flying sardine can will not be making anything great again.

Every airport in the nation should institute a surcharge for gate access for any aircraft that has ownership charging a fee for overhead bin space as United is intending to do, and will do unless the backlash is stupendous and constant and unyielding.

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