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Friday, December 09, 2016

ANOKA COUNTY BOARD: You reelected them. They respond accordingly.

Love a parade? This link.

The percentage levy increase is less than the percentage increase in salary they gave themselves.

UPDATE: This from the more recent ABC Newspapers report:

According to Sivarajah, the mission of the county is to serve the public in a respectful, innovative and fiscally responsible manner.

“That is the heart of everything we do and how all decisions are made,” Sivarajah said. “I think we have accomplished those goals.”

The board has focused on needs, not wants, with a minimal increase in spending while maintaining and improving services and dealing with higher employee costs, such as health care premiums, she said.

"Needs not wants" = higher employee costs; clearly starting top down. She did not want that raise. She needed it.

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