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Monday, December 12, 2016

Presuming Ellison succeeds in becoming next DNC head, the natural question would be successorship in CD5.

In response to an inquiry, Dan Burns of MPP found and sent this PiPress link; which speaks for itself.

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Not mentioned by David Montgomery in his PiPress report, State Rep. Melissa Hortman, HD 36B, would be a good person to take over the CD5 seat.

HD36B borders CD5 per the last redistricting. Readers may recall that redistricting put the Bachmann residence into CD2 where Michele Bachmann nonetheless ran to continue representing CD6 (where the Bachmann family's residence had previously been districted). That was according to a precedent where federal Reps need not reside in the district they represent. A similar proximity situation would be faced by Hortman, should she seek the CD5 seat once Ellison resigns it for the DNC chair.

Links for Hortman, here, here and here.

Previously in her career Hortman had been in DC [see third link above], and she has previously run for Congress [per same link].

Hortman is mentioned in this post without any knowledge of whether she'd currently be interested in a Congressional seat during the Trump presidency term. If interested, she should give it a very serious run. She is experienaed, smart and very good on the issues that are important to progressive DFL'ers, and to independent progressives.

HD 36B is a district having a diverse ethnic mix similar to CD5.

Hortman would carry on Ellison's progressive representation, there is no doubt of that; were all the "ifs" to fall into place.

Last, boosting Hortman as an excellent candidate is not intended to dismiss the quality of any of the DFL people mentioned in Montgomery's PiPress item.

Readers who like the thought of Hortman as a successor candidate are urged to submit comments about their feelings. Ditto re those favoring others Montgomery mentioned in his report.

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