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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Gavin Newsome? For President, Democratic Party, in 2020? Remember you read of it here, second. Hearing it first from Bill Mahar, via YouTube as I learned of the thought about a possible 2018 candidate now, for Governor of California. But, but, the last President moving from Governor of that west coast State was a bad-as-roadkill absolute disaster . . . Well-

Watch it. It speaks for itself.
Watch Mahar, this link, in a video worth watching from start to finish.

But focus at around 4:25 into the interview when Mahar drops the Newsom name. Bio website links,

This websearch. Negative history, to some, here. Within that report:

Tourk worked as an aide to Brown before joining Newsom's first mayoral campaign in 2003. The next year, he became Newsom's deputy chief of staff and served as one of the mayor's key strategists.

He was instrumental in turning Newsom's idea of inviting homeless people to one location and providing them with myriad services into a reality. Almost 15,000 people have since received services during more than a dozen Project Homeless Connect days in San Francisco.

In his resignation statement, Tourk said, "I am honored that, as deputy chief of staff, I helped create and implement key policy initiatives such as the Homeless Connect program that is now a national model for its compassionate and comprehensive approach to helping the homeless."

Newsom's statement said Tourk "was instrumental in my first election, organizing a strong early re-election effort, and shaping successful policy during his service with the city and county of San Francisco. We all wish Alex well and know he will be successful in all of his future endeavors."

I wholeheartedly embrace that policy priority after coming to realize that homelessness among youth (hat tip to Jim Abeler on that issue) and all other older people is a strikingly stressful imposition of the wealthy control bloc in our nation upon those suffering outdoor homelessness; while being cravenly purposed that way by those having the power to address and fix the situation, in ours, the wealthiest nation of all time; that craven purpose being to intimidate those many, many citizens on the razor's edge, paycheck-to-paycheck, and especially the young under student debt burdens fostered for the identical reason while facing control-bloc intolerance toward payment of a decent living wage at the same time they dilute labor pool supply/demand competition via flawed immigration policy which should be focused on stern enforced employer sanctioning when non-citizens without work permits are employed at serf-like compensation rates, sometimes off the books.

Publicly visible homelessness plight makes malcontents who presently are not quite as badly off more pliant and less strident, which seems hand-in-glove with other issue-positioning of the rich. Less Occupy; more lining up and shutting up. All that.

Add to that abominable pattern the right-wing union-busting will and advocacy of "right to work" [for less] shills, and the miasma is staggering.

There will be no "Great Again" change in things without that entire brand of stuff being mucked out of the national stable.

Last, citizen safety net provisions are the oft-ignored or minimized duty of government, (especially local governments); and not a duty of private religion or private charitable giving. The latter have stepped in mainly because of the shameful and inexcusable dereliction of duty by the former.

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