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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Paycheck Pursuit. Spoils/Spoils hunters, open season at Trump Tower where THE MAN is holding court.

The potentate distributes largess; and do Scott Brown and/or Pete Hegseth presently have real jobs, or are they being carried in some way, FOX commentator, whatever? Seekers of their fortune, each, eager, interchangeable.

Brown/Hegseth. Or, Hegseth/Brown?? Interchangeable, as are their empty suits.
image: this link.

And, Mitch McConnell's wife? Possibly in line for a cabinet level paycheck, as during Bushco?

Mitch McConnell, one look at him, he should be wearing a coon skin cap, carrying a musket, visiting Dogpatch with promises and cliche. As during Al Capp's heyday.

It's Pre-inaugaration jobs program-and-policy time, THE MAN's way.
Try to finagle an invite. THE MAN may have a job for you. However good or bad THE MAN actually is at making deals, he still has yet to figure how to acquire The Ring of the Fisherman, while remaining in Trump Tower. If he can do that, then I will be a believer too along with my Republican friends. Also believing as they do that leaving THE MAN's empire in THE CHILDRENS' hands would obviate all conflicting interest worry, now and onward.

AND - Where in all this is friend Pence? Issuing invitations? A one-man steering committee? Or in FRANCE? There, preaching "Stronger Together?"

Politico's  showing a sense of humor? At least not a Hegseth/Brown headlined clone . . .

__________FURTHER UPDATE________
Once Trump is inaugurated he and Mitch and the Ryan guy can cook up a new cabinet post; "Secretary of Pork, Spoils, and Retribution;" thereby creating a place and paycheck for Chris Christie. There'd be no sense of urgency. Gov. Bridgegate still has New Jersey for now.

__________FURTHER UPDATE________
Heidi Cruz with her CFR ties, Secretary of State; Mitt Romney, what else really, Ambassador to Israel. Lots of face-time with Bibi. Remember, you read it here first, should it happen.

Jeb, Ambassador to Paulau? Out of harm's way, that way.

Or Ambassador to Mexico where he speaks the language and could be suitably tasked with getting Mexico to make wall payments. ("Wall? What Wall? Yesterday's Wall having morphed post-election into today's "fence in places.")

All for now.

___________FURTHER UPDATE___________
We wait to see how conventional a Republican insider Trump really is. It will be shown by what, if anything, the Trump Administration has to give to Virginia Thomas. The Bushes treated her okay, during the Gore v. Bush progression, and earlier, (having liked John Danforth's suggestion about filling the Thurgood Marshall seat vacancy).

Last, how many Trump University "graduates" do you figure to find a Trump Administration paycheck (either as a reward for past payments, or because of exceptional sagacity and merit)? Only the best need apply now, as at Trump University, where we can guess many applied but few were accepted, (the cream rising to the top at Trump U.  being the entire truth there, despite shabby contentions in court pleadings and some possible implications of the $25 mil buyout of the lawsuit which small-minded people might prejudicially infer from an adjudication bought out before it could be.

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