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Friday, December 02, 2016

Dumbness at the ballot box earns its just rewards; a story a/k/a "What else did you expect?"

SF Gate carrying an AP feed. What did you expect besides dividing spoils between buddies? Clinton would have done the same; difference being the makeup of the set of brigands; not mediocrity and sleaze per se.

Did the AP authors choice of humanizing opening paragraphs remind anyone of Trump U. and its ways and means?

It's "told you so" time; but Jill Stein and the Johnson-Weld ticket did offer a choice, but one rejected by voters for the same-old same-old, while expecting a change.

No CHANGE with Obama, no change with the Trumpster. As before; Brigands in expensive suits prosper (or in "Trump Collections" suits, made in China); vs brigands in expensive pantsuits as would have been the Clinton choice, but then, so what?

No Huma any more; but then, so what?

Diogenes' lamp burned out centuries ago.


And Podesta, though thin, will remain far, far from starving. Reprehensibility knows few party bounds. The way of the beltway is not hard to discern, but one hell of a hard nut to crack, so go Bernie, go Keith, and . . . Nancy Pelosi, still?

Canada anyone:

UPDATE: Can you say empty Trump Collection suits? (Did you need that link as a hint, or are identities, despite the plentitude, obvious?)

Now tell me this, where will Trump stash Michele Bachmann? Gotta be a place . . .

Or Marcus Bachmann, what with all of his qualifications? Or Julie "Wilfare" Rosen?

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