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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Trump and Klink voters are protesting Klink, getting what their votes earned them.

Aside from Trump generals and plutocrats and their putsch, who are these people who get out in the cold to protest their leadership's stewardship as if it were the government's fault they were inattentive to how their pension money was being handled by their own elected leadership. They do this while opposing single payer, not caring over reining in Big Pharma and the medical industrial complex; indifferent toward minimum wage workers; not picketing to have Social Security [for all] kept at sane and humane levels; not caring about the homeless who are out in the cold overnight and for days and not parking near Klink's office getting out of the warm car in warm clothing and carrying signs saying their chickens coming home to roost is unfair.

They voted Reagan too. And Bush. And support war mongering. Not all. Just too many.

Labor solidarity seems somewhat deficient, absent solidarity. Yes, bailing out big finance without demanding change as was the counterexample of General Motors being bailed out (with conditions imposed) was an insult to everyone besides Trump's plutocrats; but too few felt the insult.

Phrased another way:

Bernie would have won.

Yes, Bernie would have won in spite of these now activist-for-a-day folks and their loving GOP ballots.

They can still get out of the cold, get smart, and correct things via elections two years and four years away from today. HOPE. Hope for a learning curve. Don't expect it. And then there are the Dem plutocrats which are a separate problem; one more vexing but one capable of remedy. The Republicans shall always be plutocrat-owned; and are beyond sane hope.

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