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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

With Republicans convening, thinking of anything else shows sound judgment. Bandar on my mind.

The old days. Wikimedia image.

First, the 29 pages, reported/analyzed/critiqued. The pages themselves, online.

This websearch. Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge, here and here. The Wikipedia bio. BBC.

Churchill's Iron Curtain speech could take only the most minor rewrite, to apply to our good and well behaved allies, the Saudis. Do you suppose the Saudis dictate the Brennan drone stike hit list, the Pakistanis, the Turks, or none of the above and Brennen sits in his office, pen and paper and a scotch, and makes up names?

Back to the convention. Can you imagine Trump/Pence dealing with the Saudi mind? Remember, they got his yacht. Might that relate to his attitude toward Muslim entry past our borders? Thinking he should have gotten a better distress sale price?

If you'd question the great man's motives that way, then, well; Trump U, Jack.

UPDATE: Of equal interest, they bought her foundation. But that's tomorrow's conventioneering.

FURTHER UPDATE: Re Qatar as more of a focus than the Saudi kingdom, Gazprom a geopolitical target; Zero Hedge again, BBC again.

Turkey? Sibel Edmonds has been posting about Gulen fairly frequently over the recent past, but pre-coup. See, e.g., this earlier post, then this, post-coup, and this websearch of the Edmonds Boiling Frogs site. She has books she authored, noted here. Her history as a former government contractor is, to say the least, interesting; this websearch. A websearch re Edmonds and a former intelligence community insider, from earlier times (pictured with a presidential wannabe's mentor).

FURTHER: This Edmonds link-out, to this YouTube video. For stepping outside of the Bandar, Syria, Qatar, Turkey mileau.

FURTHER: A link. This websearch.

FURTHER: Here. First, reflect on it being possible Taiwan is a Scowcroft Group paying client. Then reflect, under TPP would our nation be able to keep its domestic energy production for use here, or would that be a trade violation? Who knows, given the draft text of TPP is being kept secret. Go figure.

Then here. Sandy Berger croaks and Scowcroft group joins mourning. So, this former spook, Berger, what was he up to days and weeks before the untimely end? Re-read the first link in this update, then here, and lo, Madeline Albright pops up. Political bonding among the revolving door transiting folks can be a never-ending eye opener. Like what, zombies, the Phoenix Bird? George Carlin's big club? What would John Galt say, about the ever-interesting revolving door? Likely not what Hillary might say. Foundation-wise.

FURTHER: Indeed, what would Sandy Berger say, if still here to say it?

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