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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton - The morning after.

How does MSM, on home page formatting, say that the nominee's identity/gender was no surprise at this point in time?

Screen captures, with outlet/page link captions, only three - two wire services and Strib, being MN local and which uses one of the wire services. Image use appears interesting. Each screen capture has its date/time stamp (central time zone), linking to its webpage. Captures as/when taken, with timestamping important because home pages get updated.

(The fourth screen capture clearly is not a home page. It's inclusion is a Crabgrass editorial prerogative. Click any image to enlarge it to read.)





There is a silk purse sow's ear saying: The last item is from a Reuters report, and the woman it relates to at her very worse comes across as a fast-talking, verbose, glib, sneaky and arrogant zombie with something to hide, i.e., with baggage suggesting that withholding trust is not foolhardy. There is hubris to a fault with an edge of insensitivity to it.

Per that last screen capture above, the staffer quoted as saying, "we'll work on it" does remind of "I'll think about releasing those transcripts," followed by inartful smoke blowing, fast and furious; thus digging the hole remarkedly deeper.

Stylistically unpresidential.

As to editorial image choice, subjectively, the Reuters one seems most favorable and neutral. The AP BigStory one subjectively seems to have a Big Sister Is Watching You aura to it. Strib, third place, is suggestive of a support base that is true in part, but only in part, and hence unrepresentative to a fault.

________FURTHER UPDATE_________
Guardian, here. So Silk Purse has been done above. How about Leopard/Spots?

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