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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Jill Stein.

This 72 min Oxford Union speaking opportunity
Harvard M.D. and years of clinical experience shaping her views on health policy. Do your own web searching.

The equivalent of an elevator speech generally in accord with Bernie's position, called by him "democratic socialism," Jill Stein at this link (websearch for yourself re Bernie on that topic).

This YouTube listening set. The "socialism" brief item is a cut from within the ending question/answer portion of the Oxford Union appearance.

Readers like me, in liking Cornel West and his insight, candor, intelligence and demeanor; should try this item. The "train station" audio problems at the video start notwithstanding, if you've seem additional Cornel West video, and Jill Stein video, you can see that he made what may turn to a common choice of transiting from support of Bernie to support of Jill Stein, as the realities of DNC/Clinton politics, and the pre-convention nose-count led to an inevitability West and Stein continue to oppose.

Video is offered because it allows a chance to not only read about someone, or to read their work, but to see the individual to assess intangibles (as with Sanders or with Clinton). The entire Oxford Union video is worthwhile viewing, with readers urged to try it and like it. In approaching the appearance expect it to be much more a stump speech of one well beyond clownish or cliche political posturing, in style and content; and a lively stump speech, not any manner of somniferous academic lecture.

There remains an active progressive candidate, an excellent one, moving to November. That is the bottom line.

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