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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

It happened on Obama's watch. Not only that . . .

Ars Technica, dateline July 13, 2016; headline and opening two paragraphs (there's more so follow the link):

FDIC was hacked by China, and CIO covered it up ---
Problems uncovered after employees walk off job with thousands of SSNs on flash drives.

A report published by the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology today found that hackers purported to be from China had compromised computers at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation repeatedly between 2010 and 2013. Backdoor malware was installed on 12 workstations and 10 servers by attackers—including the workstations of the chairman, chief of staff, and general counsel of the FDIC. But the incidents were never reported to the US Computer Emergency Response Team (US-CERT) or other authorities and were only brought to light after an Inspector General investigation into another serious data breach at the FDIC in October of 2015.

The FDIC failed at the time of the "advanced persistent threat" attacks to report the incidents. Then-inspector general at the FDIC, Jon Rymer, lambasted FDIC officials for failing to follow their own policies on breach reporting. Further investigation into those breaches led the committee to conclude that former FDIC CIO Russ Pittman misled auditors about the extent of those breaches and told employees not to talk about the breaches by a foreign government so as not to ruin FDIC Chairman Martin Gruenberg's chances of confirmation.

FOR A CERTAINTY: We know the hack was not done by Hilary Clinton, she's technologically illiterate according to sworn testimony (gleefully?) reported.

So, the server scrub was done by loyal (i.e. paid) Clinton lawyers, doing keyword search of expected State Department relevant words, (not having security clearances they could not have perused contents); and then anything their search of the quality it was did not deem "official" was scrubbed.

Can that inept woman even access to know what's on

Image from a different story. Read the computer illiteracy one. It's a hoot.

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