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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

JILL STEIN...UPDATED -- A pro-Stein pro-Green Party walkout by Bernie Sanders' DNC convention delegates - you will not, NOT! find covered on $@$#%&*&#$ Mainstream Media.

[UPDATE: This Reddit link notes the Sanders delegate walkout count at 750 of 1850 (numbers via following links). Substantial, but too bad it was not a clear majority. Too many stayed.]

This YouTube video, from yesterdan, July 26.

How big a movement of Sanders supporters, how many now, how many to follow; these things are not clear from the video's focus on Jill Stein and her message that the progressive sentiment has not been killed and trodden under by neoliberal intent.

The owners of Mainstream Media DO NOT WANT you to see one thing about this.

WWLS -- What Would Lloyd Say?

Reader knowledge communicated via comments on the scale of the exit, numbers and the passion, would help.

UPDATE: Contributions flow - video

FURTHER: Shout this out.

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