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Saturday, July 09, 2016

An online presidential debate all should consider.

This link.

For those to the left of the Two Parties; a conversation with a Presidential option. With the stench offered by the Two Parties; presuming conventions are going to turn out conventional; if you don't look elsewhere where can you look?

A Green New Deal sounds fine; if only people would line up their votes with their interests the economy could boom in reaching oil independence and climate related good sense.

UPDATE: Voting for Jill Stein has the advantage that she both makes sense and is not a money-grubbing bastard; as are the Clintons and the Trumps.

Also, note, the Johnson-Stein debate is from the prior cycle; with the issues unanswered over the intervening years; things getting worse. The Stein conversation is more current.

Gary Johnson, entrepreneur, and making sense for consumer choice.

FURTHER: Jill Stein speaking to an educated audience. Something Trump likely would never understand. Gary Johnson appears able to understand it, with some areas of agreement with Stein and other major points of disagreement. Both appear to be better humans than Trump on the far right; and Clinton on the less far right.

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