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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

A Kos posting linked to in an email to me from an occasional reader. Leading to a review of that Kos posting person's index; and from that, two further items - altogether, two items from 2011 and one from 2013. Reader analytical reactions, via comments, are welcome. Are the items, collectively or separately, viewed as still timely, and do right of center readers see them as fair, condescending, or dated?

The emailed link, here, the other two, chronologically, here and then here. The view in the items of the Republican base is unfavorable, almost dismissive, so cogent commentary from Republicans on where they see the descriptions in error would be welcome. "Constitution" babble is even welcome, so long as the individual(s) submitting it have read the document, recently, and reflected on what it likely intended. Comments from those who've read any Federalist Papers would be particularly welcome. Those who see New Deal policy as conflicting with Constitutional organizational ways and means are invited to comment. Those believing that the Bush presidency was good for the nation are invited to explain the concept.

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