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Friday, January 16, 2015

Yet one more police use of deadly force incident, this one reported out of Bloomington.

Strib online here.

Suicidal man dies in encounter with Bloomington police
Article by: JOHN REINAN , Star Tribune - Updated: January 16, 2015 - 4:59 PM

When they peeked out the window, they saw a man lying face-up on the curb bordering their front yard and five or six police officers, guns drawn, advancing on the man.

But by that time, he was probably dead.

According to the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, which is handling the case, Bloomington police responded to a report of a suicidal person at a home in the 9900 block of Briar Road at 11:13 p.m. Thursday.

The man, who had a gun, began walking through the neighborhood as police shadowed him. Voice traffic on the police scanner indicated that the man pointed the gun at both himself and at police.

The final confrontation occurred in the 5800 block of W. 99th Street, about four blocks from the location of the initial police call. Gunfire broke out after the man refused several orders to drop his gun, a sheriff’s spokeswoman said. Officials have not yet said whether the man shot himself or police shot him. The man’s name has not been released.

Scanner traffic? That's the evidence? What decent reason is there, metro-wide, for inattention to the obvious.



A hope would be that the new police chief in Ramsey, upon his retirement can say, "My legacy was the first year in office I equipped the entire force with body cameras. Keeping that policy in place throughout my tenure."

I can think of no better legacy at this time. You want sound evidence in these situations, no waffle room? The camera does not lie.


Below is the cover page of the above cited Justice Dept. 92 page item. It's simple, turn the thing on before exiting the squad car and keep it on, while otherwise not doing anything other than what training and experience says is best for the paticular encounter. It is not in the way. No more than a pinned on badge. It can be fitted to a body armor vest.


Anonymous said...

Bullshit, I think the guy wanted to die, he was suicidal, he probably wanted the cop to kill him. Quit being such a cop hater you idiot!

eric zaetsch said...

Anon - Aside from reading Strib, your insightful insider knowledge is, say it again, based on what exactly?

Not mere blowing smoke, but what?

eric zaetsch said...

Anon - If your perception is I fault Ramsey police in the day care parking lot encounter, you are wrong.

However, body cam evidence from that situation would have been better than recounts from memory in a few short stressful moments.

Objective proof is always best. From comments I received and trust, the officers involved in that situation are professional problem-free peace officers.

I have once taken time to contact Chief Way regarding quite professional police conduct I personally witnessed.

The Ferguson and NYC incidents are of a different kind.

Bloomington, if there was body cam usage, it would be good. Nothing in Strib reporting suggested the Bloomington Police have moved in that obviously productive direction.

If you know otherwise, please help out with factual detail.

Randy Backous said...

Last year we invested in 360 cameras on all squad cars to protect our officers and the city. They are being installed but unfortunately not in time for the daycare incident. Fortunately the perp pointed his gun at our officers in full view of the daycare's security cameras.