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Friday, January 30, 2015

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts (R) on Tuesday condemned the conservative blog of a Republican state Board of Education member over its description of President Obama as a "half-breed," according to the Omaha World-Herald. "While many Nebraskans disagree with our president on many issues, he is deserving of the same civility and respect we give one another," Ricketts said, according to the World-Herald. "There is no room for bigotry. I am deeply disappointed and unequivocally condemn these comments."

While political correctness can be debated, the Nebraska story thread can and did lead to strange places.

First, current Nebraska stories, the first of which yielded this post's headline, are online here and here.

Of interest is that googling the term "half breed" leads to yet more Republicans' revelations, Wikipedia here, and a follow-up on President Garfield's death, here, with the latter item unfortunately not noting whether any depredation to Garfield's wallet attended his "treatment" after his being shot, while otherwise being not particularly friendly to the medical profession (or a part of it) in Garfield's time.

So, the Republican "half breeds" - back then of course - were in favor of civil service reform over the spoils system and hence were regarded by many in their party as not being true Republicans. Nothing related to Ron/Rand these days, and true Republicanism litmus tests, as they may be formulated, these days.

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