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Friday, January 09, 2015

Education? An issue? What are Daudt's companions up to?

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MinnPost's Briana Bierschbach reports:

Education, education, education
The 2015 session is already shaping up to be an education year — if the two parties can bridge major differences in how they think Minnesota should improve its schools. House Republican’s second bill was all about education policy, including provisions that would alter teacher retention policies to focus on merit instead of seniority, and new licensure standards that could open the door to out-of-state teachers. A major point of contention with the state’s teachers union, Education Minnesota, will be a proposal to allow the state’s new teacher evaluation system, launched last fall, to be used as a criteria when cutting back on staff. In the Senate, DFL senators want to fund voluntary pre-kindergarten programs for all four-year-olds in the state to better prepare children for the classroom.

[italics added]. Criteria is a plural noun. The singular form is, criterion. Perhaps even the best schooled ...

As to education-related mischief, HF 2 "as introduced" bill text is online, here. Initial bill log, online here. The HF 2 database entry, here. Loon is chief author.

Daudt and Loon are close in a belief akin to Emmer's ranting about $100,000 per year restaurant workers. She and Daudt want to implicate food service worker tips into a minimum wage calculation, even at the horribly low $7.25/hr level. (Do read the detail, a less onerous but still very low $12/hr is in play as a part of their aim.)

Talk about kicking folks that are down ...

Here and here.

Let us hope each has outgrown such mean-spiritedness toward low-paid wage earners working what is a harder job than sitting in the legislature acting as if important.

___________FURTHER UPDATE___________
Andy at Residual forces, this post, argues the opposite, (i.e., arguably favoring low wages for hard workers). Andy specifically argues that restaurant tips should be in any accounting/formula regarding minimal compensation for labor. That, after all, is the formal Republican position, and formally, Andy is one of them; inner party.

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