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Friday, January 30, 2015

Romney declares himself out, find your own headline on that. What I'd like to see the Republicans do ...

The GOP should collapse the front men, and either nominate the Koch brothers directly - they could flip a coin for top spot vs veep - or go past the talking heads to the counting houses, with a Karl Rove - Norm Coleman ticket.

But will they take outside advice? Not likely.

Do you suppose there'd be traction to a gender-balanced ticket?

Follow-up question, on that ticket, who'd Kent Sorenson support for top spot, in Iowa?

And this -

--  a  FURTHER UPDATE for the comment troll.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand the progressive derangement syndrome with the Koch brothers. They contributed money to Clinton, Obama, Dingell, Biden, Harken, The list goes on and on.

Anonymous said...

Also I really need to drive my car to work to earn a living..And you would be a damn liar not to admit thet you want to make that as financially painful as possible.

eric zaetsch said...

Anon - I do not defend Rockefeller Republicans in Dem clothing. Wolves are wolves.

Where do you work? Why not take Northstar?

It is there to serve YOU. Matt will tell you so, and that he has less interest in serving folks in St. Cloud.

As to your job - Do you go circumferential, from Ramsey to the west suburbs, rather than via a radial trip to a downtown hub?

Get another job, or move. Those are options too.

eric zaetsch said...

Also, do you drive a hybrid or an all electric vehicle?

Or a gas guzzling truck, tricked out but without a working-truck scratch anywhere on the bed?

You need to consider a walkable community, Met Council and town planners will tell you so, where you can walk to work - like seizing onto one of those high paying jobs created by Matt and Darren and Bob and the others, in Town Center.

Anonymous said...

Ohh.. I see.. now you are a tea party conservative.

eric zaetsch said...

Anon - What would ever make you think that?

Either-Or Blinders? A narrow outlook, as if "tea party conservative" meant something beyond what it does, as if it were to be a rubric involving merit, thought over emotions, science over superstition, reproductive freedom of choice as clearly a "Liberty," etc.

I could never be "a tea party conservative" since I cannot at all or in any way take Tom Emmer seriously as anything beyond a former hockey player with Sarah Palin's intellect. Or in fairness, a bit of a notch above Palin's niche. I grant Emmer that.

Anonymous said...

Anoka county commissioners have nothing to do with causing financial pain..Its only you fucking moonbat progressive environmental whack jobs! Take your Subaru and shove it up your ass.

eric zaetsch said...

Ohh.. I see.. now you are a tea party conservative, Anon.