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Friday, January 09, 2015

Sorensen publishes an image that looks as if Emmer could have been greenscreened in Norm Coleman advertisement fashion, to fit into any backdrop du jour.

This image:

It is from Sorensen's post, this link, and please read the item.

Now, let's talk metamorphosis. In the insect world, a butterfly can emerge from a cocoon it entered as a grub.

Sorensen publishes of the grub phase of our CD6 Rep. Emmer, prior to his entering into the cocoon Stanley Hubbard and GOP strategist and present Emmer Chief of Staff Fitzsimmons put Emmer into for the duration of the CD6 2014 campaign.

My guess? Seemingly like Sorensen's. Same old grub.

Which leads to the main point of this post.

Could our local politician du jour of yesterday, Branden Petersen, be greenscreened to somehow fit into this report and image? And, hopefully it's a guys thing, so our latest du jour, Ms. Whelan, would not fit in and more importantly, would not want to. We can hope she proves to be more than a dump on the teachers union, like BP.

One Jebberwock's chirping Jubjub bird from north metro is enough. Indeed, one is one too many.

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