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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Tax Jeb. Tax Romney. Tax Bill Gates. Tax the Bachmann clan. Give folks like Elizabeth Warren, Jim Abeler and Andy A. at Residual Forces a break.

Strib reporting on Obama's tardy realization that taxing the rich is actually a fine idea.

Better late than never.

Also, tax the Clintons. They are obscenely wealthy, and should pay a fair share. Never mind what the microscope on how they got so wealthy shows, in expected 2016 scrutiny, presuming ambitions are as expected.

With Pawlenty and Coleman now comfortably appointed, aptly tax them too.

Give laborers a break, instead of THE Koch-ALEC-GOP-type of exploitation of working families.

Scott Honour, The McFadden, Dayton, Franken, each a millionaire several times over ...

America has been great to each of them, and it's overdue time for them to be great in paying their part of the tab.

Indeed, taxing Jeb, Bill, Mitt, and Michele might allow lowering the rate imposed on the modest legislative salary paid to young Abigale Whelan, fresh out of grad school, in that the more wealthier souls pay, the less she will be tithed.

SO -- Help young Abigale. Tax the rich properly.

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