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Saturday, January 10, 2015

ABC Newspapers does a retrospective on sixteen years of Jim Abeler in the House.

This link, this paragraph:

“Out in this neck of the woods people just wanted me to keep it off their back. They’re up to their necks in their family, paying their bills, their taxes and getting the schools going … so they’re grateful for somebody who they trust who would do their best,” Abeler said.

That sounds as if a stint on the County Board for something a bit different might be in the crystal ball, foggy, but there. An agenda for a campaign that could sell, at that level of government.

For naysayers, measure this:

“I thought that I would broaden out my expertise to become an expert in more areas,” Abeler said. “To my surprise, my focus narrowed – instead of growing broader, I went deeper.”

Well, ...

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