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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Referring back to the recent Timmer - LeftMN post, and a context for a thought.

Timmer here wrote:

The Democrats think that by being the Slightly Less Evil to Workers™ party and sitting back and letting Trump be Trump, we’ll be good.

In answer, perhaps.

Here is a recent tightly written post by Dan Burns online at MPP. A part of an extended online sequence, as is clear from the title.
Click to enlarge and read, or go to the original

While unsure of where Burns got the image, it tells its own story. Perhaps all but the most lumberheaded Dem inner party dweller might look at the jobs in the red, and say "lost spoils."

Perhaps, but don't bet on it, enough of the lower-income Dem inner party mavens may consider the wisdom of burying the hatchet and giving progressives their due.

Since Bernie would have won and all inner party persons, both parties, know that regardless of what they'll admit, what is "the progressives' due" might take time to establish given intransigence of ideologues of the Clinton Republican-lite Third Way; but coming to reason can be at least hoped for, if not being a good bet for any wager.

Those in-the-red job numbers have an eloquence that blog posting by Timmer, or here about Timmer, lack; however best we try to write and explain.

It is simple. Not rocket science. Polling proves: Bernie had the winning message, despite the money givers calling shots differently for the Dem candicacy handed us during the last presidential election.

It is not progressives' oxen being gored. If progressives are not given their due; there are other jobs, state levels, as well as federal. Even the entrenched donor-fed DC consultancies might suffer.

Dem Inner Party mavens - feel the rain.

UPDATE: The MPP chart, full size, is online here. The numbers are easier to read.

FURTHER UPDATE: As to labels, "progressives" is in common usage but is not as good as "democratic socialists," the term that Bernie and Jill Stein helped define and popularize last election cycle [see sidebar]. Woodrow Wilson has forever given a stain and taint to the term "progressiveism" since it was war-mongering and big-state to him, and he if anything was plain vanilla traditional liberal; with the neoliberals, both parties, being the present impediment to a decent nation. Terms such as "Our Revolution" and "Justice Democrats" serve well, to delineate distinctions.

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