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Sunday, December 04, 2016

It's the spoils, stupid . . .

That MinnPost item noted earlier is a gift that keeps giving. As of the time this post is started, the last comment there reads:

The expectation here, admittedly cynical, is that despite their worse nature and friendships, the Dem party hacks will be motivated by distribution of the spoils; with less for them being their present, perhaps only, wake-up call. Business as usual can become bad business; and even the dull can avoid sunburn by moving into the shade. That, at present, is a hope for the Democratic establishment's inertia and self satisfaction; Clinton having lost over a parade of alleged problems, but not theirs. Sure. Pigs fly. Even the dull may feel some rain, some pain in the pocketbook, and question just getting wet. Our Republican friends may experience something similar during the Trump/Pence term, and deny that cabal of generals and billionaires a second term. Or not. We live in interesting times, with Rome as a lesson; the better swords alone can win and enforce only so much.

At any rate we should be thankful MinnPost published its postmortem and that so many took time to express rationales and passions, most in a forward looking manner free of admonitions and finger-pointing. The Dem elite did a Clinton cramdown, it failed, how next to move being the question, not whether Comey-this, or Comey-that; which is navel gazing at its worse.

Since Soros has no patent or copyright to good sense; Move On.

Yesterday's fish: Based on that thought, an effort will be made here to not further name or analyze "Clinton," "Debbie," or things from prior to Nov. 8, 2016.

Now, watch out for all those retired generals. Look for the best and brightest of people and ideas, and the Dems can rise again. One last shot, however, dare I say, "Stronger together" was a dumb base for a campaign when folks are hurting big time and all you say is "Trump's a bigot, we're inclusive, really, judge by our words and not actions - on homelessness, Wall Street, or on a non-Draconian minimum wage."

Once I figure out how "It takes a village" to push globalization, I may revisit the hopefully long-lasting (indeed at best permanent) Clinton/Bush dynastic dead-ending that the politics of 2016 arguably delivered. Trump accomplished that, if nothing else of merit results.

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