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Friday, December 09, 2016

In waning days of the Obama White House, CIA director Brennan visits Albania.

FOX reports. Wikipedia, on the Albanian diaspora. A web search.

Since the press neither lies nor misjudges; it is important that Balkan Insight headlined, "09 Dec 16: Russia and Terrorism Dominated CIA Chief's Albania Visit -- While the exact nature of CIA chief John Brennan's talks with Albanian authorities remains a secret, experts say Russian expansionism and Islamist terror likely dominated the agenda. By: Fatjona Mejdini, BIRN, Tirana".

Gee, with the "exact nature" unclear and named topics "dominating," that coverage apparently would leave room for discussions of illicit drug trafficking. Opiates perhaps. You'd have to run that question by Madeline Albright, her being a Balkan region foreign policy expert.

Gums harvested from those Afghan poppy fields have to transit somewhere beyond what the local Afghan regional growing market consumes.

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