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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Guardian carried a Cornel West op-ed on Nov. 18. [UPDATED]

This link. West contends neoliberalism got really stale and unresponsive; to be replaced by neo_______________. (Guess before following the link.)

The gap between West's two neos is not too great; as with Neo and Agent Smith, who appeared equally matched until the final showdown.

In addition to Cornel West, another interesting web source is Asad AbuKhalil, a/k/a "Angry Arab." He is a prolific web posting person, anti-Zionist, and critical of the Saudi royals. Often he has a wry way of phrasing things.

Particular wry posts - from post-election; here, here, here; while AbuKhalil often finds eye-openers not widely reported in our US of A mainstream media, e.g., here, here.

The latter item was an eye-opener to me. While many Bernie youth doubtlessly stayed home, it appears many bit the bullet and went "lesser evil."

Ellison has the challenge of keeping those, and giving the stay-at-home youth cause to not abandon the Dem party - meaning the Dems might want to move to consolidate gains among young people who clearly were more energized by Bernie's just policy positions than were moved by "Stronger Together" pablum and hooey. The world will be theirs well after the Baby Boomers have passed; they are the future, and their better instincts vs. greed should be fostered. They appear less dumb than some; but cynicism on the part of many young is well justified. Big question, has organized labor lost its way, and why might it be in the interest of organized labor to pay heed to minimum wage plight, out of decency but also out of self-interest (even where dues paying is not yet in place but where labor solidarity never was a wrong idea)? And union guys - wait and see how those Trump votes shake out for your dinner table.

Pre-election, here.

One of AbuKhalil's posts links here; which disclosed to me a previously unknown web presence:

Be thankful for the link.

It's Asad's Radio, if not Mohammed's Radio.

FURTHER: AFL-CIO endorses Ellison for DNC leader.

FURTHER: While not a champion of organized labor advancement, hat-tip to Jim Abeler for acknowledging homelessness with a small but personal effort. One impression of why homelessness is permitted in the richest nation in history is keeping the peasantry-with-residency on their toes. For such a purpose homelessness would not only be tolerated, but in serving elite greed, it arguably is a necessity - as necessary as student debt in fostering docility and in misdirecting attention from the "why is this" question. Personal worry can trump individual enlightenment and action.

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