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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Trump getting his ticket punched.

image credit. see also, This video.

Abigale Whelan likely likes Trump's VP pick. Whelan and Pence, after all, do represent a major Republican intransigent bloc, alike in "thinking". Yes, evangelicals.

Possibly a difference, was Pence effective in getting a fair share of funding for his constituents while in DC?

UPDATE: Put Peggy Scott among the intransigent evangelicals diverting attention from the real work of legislating. If knowing Dayton would never sign it, and anyway it would die in committee as it did, what is the reasoning in doing it beyond ticket punching with a bloc?

FURTHER UPDATE: Guardian reporting there is no mystery in the Trump VP decisionmaking:

After Trump’s veep pick was announced on Friday, Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards wasted no time in reminding Americans of Pence’s personal white whale, saying his long history of targeted political attacks against Planned Parenthood is his defining quality as a legislator. “Other than that, he doesn’t have a single distinguishing characteristic,” she said.

Putting that bland "dead fish" anonymity in context, other Trump VP options were Gingrich or Palin.


The Club for Growth, a conservative economic group, had sharply criticized Trump's support for protectionist trade policies. On Friday, the group noted that as a member of the House of Representatives, Pence had been a strong voice for "free markets and economic liberty" at a time when the Republican leadership had been weak on these issues.

Money talks. Trump hears.

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