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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Time to back up for the bigger perspective.

DNC/Clinton convention: Second day, Tuesday, Sanders releases his committed delegates, a roll call vote.

If the Sanders delegates line up like ducklings on the roll call; they are the delegates, I am not. It is their judgment, as part of the Democratic Party, to vote as they believe best, at the time a vote is called.

No criticism for any single one of them, or any collective compromise. It is their party, along with the majority strong hold of the Clinton machine on the thing, and they go home and Clinton campaigns and that was a known thing before they convened. If they cut a back room deal; the hope is they cut a good one and did not sell cheaply.

Not being a party member, deliberately independent but caucusing DFL in Minnesota's caucus system, the basis of my declining to become a party insider is that they are far too conservative for my beliefs; having moved or always been to the right of Minnesota's best moderate, Paul Wellstone.

I will vote Jill Stein, in November, unless something between now and then convinces me to vote otherwise.

My disdain for the mindset of Mike Pence is insufficient for me to at this time support one I believe ethically challenged, at the least, speeches and secreted away transcripts and such, and zombie like in her speaking manerisms.

Again, this video. There is little to add. The video soundtrack was an apt and inspired addition; but it only emphasizes the obvious.

End of post.

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