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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pence will prove to be Trump's Palin.

As McCain reached to touch Jesus, so did Trump; each reaching for a Jesus Jockey - one who uses The Lord to advance career goals, climbing on the back of The Lord to be carried as far that way as possible, and if needed, using spurs.

Others, of course, may have differing views of Pence/Palin.

The most significant legislation touching upon Gov. Pence relates to campaign reform. This link.

As a prediction, Trump Inc. will experience buyer's remorse. As did McCain.

And all the while, Michele Bachmann was there as an alternative.

Who knows. Perhaps an inquiry and a turn-down?

As a brief diversion: Will Bachmann be a conventioneer? Or on holiday, possibly, with the Bush family.

Back on track: We may find out whether Gov. Pence has a JEB!-like Terri Schiavo skeleton rattling in his closet; "life" being a declared pro of his. With spurs and ambition.

With Trump's closet full of rattling fiscal skeleton, one has to wonder why he added one more.

UPDATE: Less judgmental, indeed largely neutral, Eric Black of MinnPost presents a ten point analysis "on Trump's Pence pick."

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