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Saturday, July 23, 2016

John Brennan in the news.

Business Insider, here and here.

The second item from days ago is a standalone.

The first item is dated July 23, 2016, but it has a map weeks old, and makes no mention of the Turkish coup attempt and possible fall-out of our nation's military using Turkish air basing after the coup's failure and the Turks wanting Gulen extradited and tried.

WSJ with interesting Brennan related headlining, but behind a paywall. Breitbart expands somewhat on the journal's teaser, but remember, as to credibility it's Brietbart.

It looks to be a simple story; Brennan in the news deflecting from answering much of value, about Turkey and CIA involvement in affairs within that nation.

No surprise there. What is he going to say, "If we'd engineered it it would have been like Mohammad Mosaddeq or Allende, smooth as a baby's butt?"

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