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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Citizen Kaine?

Who is he?

You tell me.

Does our Citizen Kaine have a rosebud obsession, and if so, what?

TPP? What?

Is there much of anything presidential about this man few have heard much about?

He surely is quite distanced from being a progressive; as is the top ticket one from the foundation family politics and Wall Street wealth. Is Kaine a Wall Street darling? Has he been prospering by giving six-figure speeches? What tie has he to Goldman Sachs? Inquiry is appropriate.

Always a good start, following the good Senator's money, discloses:

Click the image to read, or follow the link, or this websearch. He will monger wars with the top of the ticket individual; honor the banks as at ticket top; and add in all the usual suspects in money corrupts; massive amounts corrupt massively.

Any rattling skeletons in the closet readers may know about?

Mike Pence, we know and can despise. Scary to contemplate, a heartbeat away.

This new Kaine guy; his choice is yet again proof of no real, meaningful room for progressives in the present Democratic Party, as presently ruled, by its present inner party elite, superdelegates included.

Is Citizen Kaine exactly what you'd expect from the Clintons or a smidge better? Are you as unimpressed as I am, so far, or is it just me and my nagging and naive HOPE for CHANGE? Not to say, been there, done that . . .

_________FURTHER UPDATE___________
Like a hand in a glove, this Kaine fits in among blue chip DC insider-givers with a purpose; per another page, this chart:

There seems little question who Kaine's constituencies would be while a heartbeat away or by some incident of succession, having the Oval Office as his. Constituents such as: Those who picked him; those who bankrolled him; the 99% possibly considered.

Not all constituents are equal; that's been a proven political fact back to the Civil War and onward from Lincoln with the industrialists and railroads, and slaves.

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