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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Residual navel gazing.

Andy A. at Residual Forces has his first [likely of many] rude awakening as to the HD6 Bachmannistani successor, and there seems to be buyer's remorse. Stan Hubbard likely is less disillusioned, but then Stan is more seasoned, more experienced (aka wealthier). This link.

So brand new Congressman Tom Emmer voted for John Boehner for Speaker of the House and I wouldn’t have done the same.

Now what?

My choices are,

1) Stay on in CD6 and hope to earn Congressman Emmer’s trust and pass along some wisdom from the inside. [...]

2) Take my ball and go home. [...]

3) Put my money where my mouth is. [...]

Sure, the insiders and people who get invited to all those fancy dancy parties think Boehner is a great and masterful Speaker. Meanwhile the country is in Constitutional and fiscal crisis. The citizen is deemed the security threat. [...]

I’m open for advice.

Is it worth being just a lowly activist that operatives and politicians take advantage of anymore?

Is it time for me to run for State or Federal office?

Maybe a higher office with in the Republican Party?

Or maybe I should just go be a blissful uninformed voter and no longer care [...]

Well, Andy, lesson learned? Shoulda kicked the tires before buying the car? Shoulda not been so disdainful of the liberty wing of your GOP? They, the liberty GOP, are not that close to Jesus, not like Rhonda and pals, but the guy named after Ayn Rand has been reported by WaPo as courting Tea drinkers, one prominent but defeated one of east coast origin, and has gone so far from any true concept of "liberty" to be a declared choice hater. (Also, I bet he'd have voted Boehner too if in the House; given some binding ties to Boehner's twin, Mr. Mitch.)

Moreover, if Stanley Hubbard's money was riding on Tom Emmer while knowing the feeding hand would not be bitten, why in the world should it be an awakening to Andy that a reformed and always pliant blowhard is now a staunch corporatist, after being the corporatist GOP wing's annointed, chosen one, last cycle? (Pliant, [perhaps to be less judgmental say "adaptable"] is the governing keyword Andy. Or, "reliable," that also fits the Stan-and-Tom who'll call the shots show too.)

"Open to advice," Andy wrote. Talk about sticking one's chin out, and saying, "Hit me." Well, Andy is not going to quit on the GOP absent some epiphany on the road to Damascus event turning him into an Elizabeth Warren supporter. While that is something I'd bet against, anything is possible.

Actually, the item is one of Andy's more well-written well-thought-out posts. Folks across the political spectrum should read it. Crabgrass readers also might give him advice. I'd expect as a start, if serious about perhaps seeking public office, Andy would be taking a look at the county board.

P.S. Andy is not alone.

photo credit, top - MPR here, bottom - Strib here

There is true uncertainty and uneasiness, and excessively showy for-today-but-ask-me-next-week faux buyer's remorse, and Andy's item is of the true kind. For others, where does the sting hurt:

Even more concerning to us, the newly elected Congressman failed to return phone calls of many tea party activists who reached out to him on this crucial vote. Instead, Emmer listened to special interest and beltway insiders who favored the establishment’s choice for Speaker.

[italics added]

FURTHER UPDATE____________________________
Stanley's choice echoed Stanley's likely preference on the Boehner vote, but there was a failed coup reported:

In a public roll call, 25 House Republicans defected from the Ohio Republican, more than double the 12 who launched a failed coup attempt against him exactly two years ago.

The anti-Boehner crowd’s message was simple: Don’t expect any cooperation in the 114th Congress — even with Republicans in charge of the Senate and holding the biggest majority in the House since the Truman administration.

“The American people are very upset by this leadership. I mean, I have not had this many phone calls since the shutdown of the government. It’s just unbelievable,” said Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.), who voted for Rep. Daniel Webster (R-Fla.) and was one of the architects of the “fire Boehner” campaign.

“The 25 of us who voted the way that we did represented the frustration of the American people,” he added. “I’m surprised we didn’t get 30, to be honest with you.”

After the vote, GOP leaders sought to settle scores.

Though the Speaker vowed last year he wouldn’t seek retribution against those who opposed him, Webster and Rep. Richard Nugent (R-Fla.) were kicked off the prestigious House Rules Committee after their votes against Boehner.

Nothing there likely to surprise Stanley.

And this Daniel Webster opposition against Boehner stuff? This link. In that bit of fiction, Daniel Webster prevailed.

Andy's latest post is of the the text of an Emmer release - strangely, one not mentioning committee assignments.

Big Stan likely will not be having the media employees making any big splash about committee assignments either.

__________FURTHER UPDATE____________
A Hubbard media outlet blind eye toward the Emmer vote and Boehner retribution will be hard to maintain, with the story growing legs; e.g., Politico here and the Hill's followup, here. And it's now kosher for Hubbard's outlets to report the story. Murdochs outlets have. Is this getting the skids greased for easy downhill sledding by Jeb? It has that appearance. Get in rank and file order? Stand at attention and salute the flag and Jeb? Will that be how it plays out if you don't want your GOP legislative career impeded? Early notice? Knocking heads a bit for now, Boehner indicating we can "as a family" now reason together? Jeb scripting?

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