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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ramsey - The council. Swearing in new members, considering lingering decisions.

The televised meeting's agenda is online here. Carryover business, developer proposals, PSD,LLC - in Town Center; agenda here. NIK - Nowthen Blvd former city hall land use; agenda here.

Tinklenberg - more of the same cash-flow out of town coffers proposed.

Work session navel gazing agendas; here and here.

Of interest per the latter link, with a third sitting EDA member having been elected to join two others on council, this quote:

There are a couple of items to note: Currently there are two Council Members appointed to serve on the EDA; however, there has been a request to discuss appointing three Council Members. The policy now states that there must be two Council Members appointed, but the language doesn't necessarily prohibit more than two from serving. The EDA discussed the number of Council appointments at their January regular meeting and the consensus was that it would be acceptable to appoint either 2 or 3 Council Members, however, the EDA had the following concerns they wished to pass forward to the Council:

-- the intent/expectations of the community for the EDA is to have an appointed citizen board, not Council Members. The make-up of the EDA should be fundamentally different from that of the HRA , which the Council recently abolished, and which consisted of all Council members..
-- All three current Council Members that have served on the EDA (LeTourneau, Riley, Williams) would bring value to the EDA by continuing as members. An alternative, would be to make one of those three an alternate member, who could attend on an ex-officio basis, and provide a substitute as needed.
-- The EDA is supportive of either alternative, however, the City should clearly address reasons for making any changes in the current make-up of the EDA.

Is the EDA necessary? That's a question left off the agenda, with some in the community believing it might should well head a work session meeting, and soon. Is Tinklenberg necessary, that's another one to ponder. And if so, why? That's a real loaded question - one touching on how the legislature should work, and how it does.

We should all join in wishing departing council members Jason Tossey and Randy Backous well, in moving on. Each has been a sound voice in decision making, and the independence they provided will, hopefully, not end now but instead be shown by their successors.

The election is over. It is time to govern. Wisely, hopefully.

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