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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

One Bush, he dropped on us his "War on Terror," and the tar of that is still sticking. If the Jebster has his way with us, there will be a legacy "War on Tenure."

While mn2020 is no longer active, there is the archive

with a sub-archive

and then, this specific item, "Teachers, RTW, and the ALEC Agenda in Minnesota, By Michael J. Diedrich, Policy Associate, March 23, 2012 (at 7:45 am)," where you can find many helpful links to follow.

[All of Diedrich's several MN2020 teacher/tenure related posts have this link. The above specific item is the latest archived item by Diedrich. A couple of other posts of interest related to the "War on Tenure" are here and here. Navigate through the archived material, with the motive that the more you navigate and read, the more you understand about the perspective of unionized teachers. Without unionization there is no solidarity, and without solidarity teachers, the best and worse of them, can be sniped down by enemy fire, one after another after another. Without seniority in unionization there is no solidarity; like it, love it, that's HOW IT IS. Unions lacking seniority protection cease to be effective unions.]

Read that stuff. Get a perspective against what our Republican friends (especially those with ALEC close at heart) are up to, including presidential wannabe Jeb Bush who is profiting handsomely from some of the standardized testing - virtual education steps ALEC and its corporate hangers-on want to see generating ever-larger private sector profits at the expense of sound public education. It is an organized and scripted tide, on that side, and it will be unfolding further, in Minnesota. Organized resistance grounded on union seniority protection is the only thing standing between present effective public education, and its being gutted.

Stay tuned.

And, reader response remains welcome, re this link. That particular organ of propaganda, the so-called "Freedom Foundation of Minnesota" [with its 501(c)(3) status which some might find offensive, indeed, highly offensive] is a part of the scripted assault on public education, aka "The War on Tenure."

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