consultants are sandburs

Monday, January 12, 2015

Not exactly Ivy League. Not exactly enlightened. Not anything I'd touch even with a ten foot pole. Or longer.

Two representative links; here and here. "Best" by any measure is not necessarily best by a sane measure.

What some regard as God-given others might see as pure malice and menace.

Opinions differ.

Does anyone know how much federal money gets pumped into these institutions?

Too much is a sensible answer even if it is only a dollar three-eighty; but bet on it being a staggering amount.

Subsidized bigotry, or not? You decide.

UPDATE: Dated, but relevant. This also?


FURTHER: Explain the difference, re here, here, here and here. Oh, right. They're bad guys. Must be anti-Liberty. Somebody's put out
a scorecard that explains the difference. Can you get me a copy?

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