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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Money makes strange political bedfellows.

Siefert, an apparent 180 degree shift of conscience reported by Sorensen, here. (With clear detail and links not needing to be repeated or excerpted.)

Integrity teaches, compromise reaches? Lick, don't bite the feeding hand? All kept pets know that?

The Pawlenty veto override six from all indications, voted as they did as an act of conscience, when the vote was taken.

Siefert? Conscience must be an elastic thing. That, or he just has come around to love taxes?

Will the Anoka County Woofer do any woofing over this one? We wait to see.

Another possibility, misreading the Siefert tea leaves, and he's not changed one jot.

However, Probability aside from Possibility says follow the money.

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